Brick bungalows provide social housing for elderly residents

Inspired by the Almshouse tradition, this development of single storey dwellings in Barking, East London, shows how modern architecture is capable of interpreting a traditional building form. The regular rhythm of the chimneys and repeated elevation details work very well, and the surrounding landscaping is designed to provide meeting spaces for the elderly residents.

While the houses were built for the borough’s ageing population, the intention is that the scheme will have a knock-on effect, releasing larger council houses for families.

The combination of the pitched tiled roofs, chimneys, and bay windows is intended to reference typical suburban housing, while slight variations in interior layout give each household the opportunity for personalisation.

This demonstrates that thoughtful design can provide high-quality social housing on a budget, unlocking land and other properties at a time when accommodation is the biggest challenge facing all London boroughs.

The full article can be read on the DeZeen website.