About us

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Our key principles

We have set out a number of key principles that any Village Foundations project will follow:

Local Distinctiveness

Interpreting local distinctiveness to ensure high quality design in the new development that is tailored to the local context. Understanding and showing respect for context Analysing what gives meaning to a particular place Using features and materials that reflect the local area Designing attractive and safe layout

Culture and Community

Meeting social needs and fostering community through development. Addressing local housing needs for the young or elderly
. Supporting community initiatives, such as community orchards Reducing out-commuting with flexible home and work space Providing shared workspace and new local facilities according to need.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Minimising energy demand and improving well-being through design. Promoting healthly lifestyles and well-being. 
Ensuring generous levels of sunlight and daylight in the new homes Providing effective composting and recycling facilities in every home Managing water effectively with sustainable drainage
Encouraging electric car use, bicycle use and car sharing.

Increased Biodiversity

Delivering a gain to wildlife and the natural environment through development. Nature Positive – delivering a net gain for biodiversity. Retaining and enhancing natural features
. Designing wildlife-friendly and naturalistic planting schemes. Laying out attractive low maintenance open spaces Encouraging connections to the natural environment.

Delivering and maintaining a positive legacy in the future

We promote, design and build ourselves and then aim to retain the freehold interest in the land and buildings. The properties are leased for both long and short term periods. This means we can deliver on the high quality principles.

The goal is to create a positive legacy for every Village Foundations project, and earn a respected place at the heart of a vibrant and thriving village, in the same spirit that the Almshouse movement has earned over many years.